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The Asia in Focus journal is published online twice a year by NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies. NIAS is a Nordic research and service institute focusing on Asia’s modern transformations.

Upcoming Events from Nordic Perspectives

    The 11th Annual International ADI Conference: Asian Mobilities

    The 11th ADI conference continues the tradition of investigating Asian intra-regional and transregional connectivities. The point of departure is that the multi-directional movement of people, ideas, things and technologies across space and time produces ever-changing configurations of human relationships, knowledge [...]

    12th SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School

    12th SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School The SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School is free to attend and open to all. To register to attend this year’s Summer School, please complete the registration form available here.   Key [...]

    The new Chinese expats in Europe: managing locals and enjoying life

    20 years ago, most people who came from China to Europe did so to make money. Today, increasingly, they come to spend it – as tourists, students, managers of Chinese multinationals, or as lifestyle migrants looking for a better environment. [...]

    The European Association of Taiwan Studies Workshop Grant

    The European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) is delighted to announce the call for applications to its Workshop Grant. Proposals aimed at organising workshops about, related to, or compare Taiwan in any fields of humanities and social sciences, as well [...]

Asia in Focus Issue 7 is out now!

Issue 7 starts with an analysis by Thøger Kersting Christensen of the Chinese School of IR (international relations) theory in the global structure of IR knowledge production, focusing on three main Chinese scholars in the debate: Qin Yaqing, Yan Xuetong and Zhao Tingyang.  In the second chapter, we turn to politics in the Japanese gaming world, with Valtteri Vuorikoski’s analysis of whether the Kantai Collection media franchise represents a resurgence of right-wing nationalism. Staying in the realm of popular culture, in the third chapter Nicklas Junker analyses, from a bottom-up perspective, whether Chinese Science Fiction literature can successfully export Chinese culture abroad, as K-Pop has done for Korea and Manga for Japan. In the last article we turn to the business world in China with Suvi Kurki’s analysis of the leadership preferences of Chinese Millenials. Using empathy-based stories, Kurki’s findings challenge the dominant narrative of Chinese leadership, namely the preference for Confucian style autocratic leadership. The issue closes with Lisa Lindkvist Zhang’s critical review of Bryan Van Norden’s (2017) Taking Back Philosophy – A Multicultural Manifesto.

Enjoy the read!

On 16 may the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) was officially inaugurated at the TORS Center of Knowledge at the Southern Campus of the University of Copenhagen. TRCCS is the result of a cooperation agreement between the National Central Library of Taiwan (NCL) on the one hand and Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) together with NIAS Library on the other hand.

The agreement includes a TRCCS book collection with titles from Taiwan which will available for Nordic users via inter-library loan, a number of e-resources, as well as  exchange of information on new publications,  and assistance for  academic or professional events outside Taiwan.

The establishment of the first TRCCS represents a major strengthening on the information side for studies on Taiwan and Chinese studies, especially classic studies, in the Nordic countries.

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