Call for Papers Economic Transformation and Urbanisation: The future of pluriactive small farmers and rural workers in South Asia?

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 15:21

Abstracts of papers are welcome to this regular session in the Working Group 05, Famine and Society, at the International Sociological Association (ISA) Third Forum of Sociology in Vienna, Austria, 10-14th July 2016

How fast is now the rate of urbanisation and migration from villages to towns? What does it mean for poor rural peoples’ entitlements? Papers are invited, which analyse available data and/or own empirical findings on social transformation under the impact of a growing urban industry and service sector. 

CBCI Lecture: China’s “One Belt, One Road” Policy

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 15:16
04/27/2015 - 15:00 to 17:30

Japan’s ideal and less ideal victims

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 15:14

The brutal murders of Japanese hostages Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa at the hands of ISIS have understandably captured the interest of the Japanese nation. Opinions on the victims have ranged from the deeply sympathetic to the victim-blaming. Moreover the Japanese public seems more willing to embrace Goto as a true victim than Yukawa. These domestic sentiments are important because they touch upon a question that is inherent in every crime: why are some people given victim status and others not?

The 57th Stockholm Seminar on Japan

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 11:37
Dreams of urbanization: The local economic impacts of nuclear power facilities and post-Fukushima regional policy
by Michihito Ando, Research Fellow, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Japan

PhD position (4 years) in Non-European History (focus on Asian Maritime History) at Salzburg University

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 11:23
PhD position in Non-European and Global History (4 years, full time, i.e. 30 hours), focus Asian Maritime History
Start: 01.10.2015
End: 30.09.2019
More information here.

Clash of Universalisms? Buddhist-Muslim Relations in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 11:08

Through a series of three public seminars, leading international experts will analyze various aspects of the relationship between Buddhism and conflict, focusing on Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The seminar series is organized by PRIO in collaboration with NOREF.

More information here.

05/13/2015 - 13:00 to 15:00

Lecture: Chinese Developments from 2005 to 2015 – Same-Same But Different

Thu, 04/16/2015 - 18:05

Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute & Denmark-Hong Kong Trade Association invites you to the lecture "Chinese Developments from 2005 to 2015 – Same-Same But Different". The lecture discusses China's rapid economic development over the last decade, and asks questions such as: Has China changed for the better? What can we expect in the years to come?

UPF Lecture: Ming Chee Ang – “Lessons learnt from the 2014 Hong Kong Protests”

Thu, 04/16/2015 - 16:39

The Association of Foreign Affairs (UPF) at Lund University invites you to the lecture “Lessons learnt from the 2014 Hong Kong Protests” by Ming Chee Ang.

Ming Chee Ang is a Postdoktor Fellow at Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, and will speak about the 2014 Hong Kong protests. The lecture will be held in English and starts at 19.00 in Café Athen. Pre-mingle starting at 18.30!

04/22/2015 - 19:00