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WiseSearch enables searching in news sources in both Chinese and English mainly from the Greater China region, including 1200 newspapers, 10000 Chinese news websites and 1500 social medias. Apart from a long list of Chinese news sources in Chinese and English, news sources from other regions in Asia are also included, e g Bangkok Post, The Nation, The Straits, Philippine Star, Daily Balochistan Express and South China Morning Post. How far the archive goes for older issues varies from title to title, but there are no issues older than 1998. Exact start date for each title can be found under the info to that title. WiseSearch also provides business information from the Greater China region.

You can search for news sources from a specific country or for a specific source under “Media/Author”.

Interface in English and Chinese.

Basic user guide

Please note: we are having problems with the access to WiseSearch and are trying to re-establish the access as soon as possible.