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News From the Nordic Region

    Workshop: Reading Jyotiḥśāstra Texts

    The workshop is open to anyone interested in reading and learning about Jyotiḥśāstra texts, that is, texts on the astral sciences and divination. No background in Jyotiḥśāstra is required, but at least a basic understanding of Sanskrit is necessary to [...]

    The Islamization of Modern Indonesian Politicial Conduct 

    Religous models for political conduct in Indonesia traditionally showed a profound tolerance for contradicting ethical values and rarely prescribed adherence to any singular and absolute morality. Yet as the recent Jakarta gubernatorial elections demonstrated, while religion persists as an important [...]

    Asia Brown Bag Talk: Nis Grünberg

    The political economy of SOEs: National Champions or socialist institutions? Abstract Over the last years, China’s central state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have become huge international players. While these “National Champions” now rank among the largest global businesses, they are also known for [...]

    Nordic Centre Council Meeting: The Nordic Universities Role and Challenge in the New Arctic

    Nordic Centre in Shanghai drives and facilitates collaboration between researchers and students in the five Nordic countries and China. Located at Fudan University, one of Asia’s top universities, Nordic Centre has served as a vehicle for research and education within [...]

    What’s in it for Sweden? Toward a Shared Agenda for Swedish East Asia Research

    Building on the success of last year’s conference in May at the Stockholm School of Economics on East Asia Research in Sweden, the Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP), in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg will organize the conference’s 2018 installment [...]