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News From the Nordic Region

    ISDP Forum: Shaking Hands with Clenched Fists – Book Presentation by Asma Khawaja

    India and Pakistan are two nuclear-armed states with a history of cold as well as hot wars, of which border skirmishes over the past months have reminded the world. Security requires trust and, if such is lacking, confidence-building measures. In this ISDP Forum, Dr. Asma Khawaja, Assistant Professor [...]

    Myanmar: Living as Muslims in a Buddhist country

    In recent years, a sequence of dramatic events have propelled the question of Myanmar’s Muslim minorities high on the global agenda. Ethno-religious violence involving Buddhists and Muslims broke out in Rakhine State in 2012; this was followed by islamophobic attacks [...]

    CfA: Postdoctoral position in Sinology/Chinese Studies, The Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen

    There is a vacancy for a postdoctoral position in Sinology/Chinese Studies at the Department of Foreign Languages, by plan starting 1 January 2020 or as agreed. The position is for a fixed-term period of 4 years. The Department of Foreign [...]

    Forest becomes frontline: Conservation and Counter-Insurgency in a space of violent conflict in Assam, Northeast India

    Using the case of the Ecological Task Force (ETF) of the Indian Army as an entry point, this seminar discusses the views on green militarization and violent environments in the context of reserves and protected forest areas. Speaker: Anwesha Dutta [...]

    China’s Reconnection to Europe via the BRI: The China-Europe Freight Train and its Two-ended Urban and Regional Impacts

    The Belt and Belt Initiative (BRI) since 2013 has forged a new spatio-economic connection between China and Europe through the older transport technology of freight trains. Since 2011 when the first China-Europe freight train reached Duisburg in Germany from the [...]