18. Aug 2010

Abandon decency. Abandon morals. Put in the guns and get the TEMPLE! by Anya Palm

cambodia, InFocus, Thailand

Preah Vihear is an unimaginably beautiful place. It is a
province, but it takes it’s name after an 11th Century Khmer
Temple, which towers over
the landscape on a 525-metre high mountain. The temple is stunningly
well-preserved – there are still carvings of dancing Apsaras, Buddha statues
and stone stair cases leading up to a perhaps even more breathtaking view over
unspoiled nature.

That is utterly unimportant, though.

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27. Jul 2010

In Cambodia, the prize for peace is justice

cambodia, InFocus

35 years of prison time for Kaeng Kek Iev – better known as
Duch – is strange.  Iev, a prison chief
in Cambodia’s
notorious torture prison S-21 during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, is
responsible for the violent and untimely death of about 14000 people.  

He is the first person ever to stand trial and receive
verdict for his crimes during the genocide in 1975-79.

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21. Jul 2010

Hva er det med Nord Korea?


For 60 år siden brøt krigen løs i
Korea. Bare fem år etter verdenskrigens slutt ble den kalde krigens trusler til
virkelighet. Katastrofen var enorm, landets ødeleggelse total, våpenhvilen er
aldri avløst av en fredsavtale, og sårene etter krigen er ennå ikke leget.
Etter krigen ble Korea offer for verdens fortsatte ideologiske deling. Da
Sovjetunionen brøt sammen, Tyskland og Europa atter ble samlet, og Kina åpnet
for markedsøkonomien, fastholdt de koreanske statene status quo. Sør-Korea er i

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18. Jun 2010

Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day coming to the Nordic pavilions at EXPO 2010

China, energy, InFocus

On the 25th
of June 2010 the Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day will take place at the
Shanghai World Expo. Key stakeholders from the Nordic and Chinese energy
research sectors will gather to network and exchange ideas. Speakers and guests
include Ministers and high ranking government officials as well as notable
business leaders and researchers. The event will focus on how greater
Chinese-Nordic cooperation and interaction can contribute to the development
and deployment of clean energy and climate technologies. To signify the very

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11. Jun 2010

The Ethnic Crises in Burma/Myanmar: 2010 and Beyond Dilemmas & Opportunities for the International Community


Burma/Myanmar is a very ethnically diverse country, with ethnic
minorities comprising about 40 percent of its estimated 56 million population. Burma has been
afflicted by ethnic conflict and civil war since independence in 1948, exposing
it to one of the longest running armed conflicts in the world. Ethnic
minorities have long felt marginalised and discriminated against. The situation
worsened after the military coup in 1962, when minority rights were further
curtailed. The military government, which now calls itself the State Peace and

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7. Jun 2010

Be reminded, it is co-creation that we should understand?



Sudhanshu Rai 
8th June 2010


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27. May 2010

While vacationing in Thailand, we forgot to pay attention by Anya Palm

democracy, InFocus, Thailand

What just happened in Thailand? Was Thailand not supposed to
be a peaceful vacation paradise with perfect beaches and charming smiles?
Didn’t we just spend a couple of leisurely lazy days looking at stunning
temples and eating delicious street food from the stalls with not a care in the
world? (Yes, we did. In 2009, about 11 million foreigners visited Thailand.)

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25. May 2010

The (new) North Korean Crisis: what can be expected and what should be done as a response to the sinking of the Cheonan corvette


by Mikael Weissmann and Linus Hagström, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs

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29. Apr 2010

The Path of Bliss


By Stig Toft Madsen April 23, 2010 The Ananda Marga – the Path of Bliss – was founded in 1955 by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar as a socio-spiritual organization. In 1959, Sarkar added the political wing, known as Proutist Universal, where PROUT stands for Progressive Utilization Theory. Sarkar was born a Bengali in Bihar in 1921. […]

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29. Apr 2010

Are the Hiccups in US-Chinese Relations an Introduction to a Serious Global Confrontation by Timo Kivimäki

China, InFocus

Timo Kivimäki,
Professor of Asian Security, University of Copenhagen



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