Sri Lanka Classic by Karin Munkholm

12. Feb 2010

Presidential elections, parliamentary Elections, opposition presidentialcandidate arrested, president extends his presidential periode, takes overministry of information and communication. Some how all seen before includingthe reaction of the Western powers.

President Rajapakse did deliever onhis promise of ending the conflict with the Tamils. So far he has not delieveredon a sustainable, longlasting solution that will make future uprisings hard toimagine. The LTTE may be eradicated for the time being, but LTTE´s financialbase is still  expected to be intact. It can be activated at a later stage. Thatis why it is crusial for Rajapakse to deliever en solution that will make ithard for any future insurgents to gain a following

It seems as if theplan calling an early, but not that early, parliamentary election, theparliament was to be dissolved not later than the 26th of April this year, is twofold:to gain a twothirds majority and turn the newly elected parliament int aconstitutional assembly and implement the 17th ammendment with ammendments. Andto consolidate Rajakas

So far nobody except for the defeated candidatehas questioned the outcome of the presidential election. It is aggreed that therun up to the election was not flawless, no major problems concerning countingballots etc.

Rajapakse can be critizised for consolidating his and hisfamily`s power by extending his presidential periode, but he did follow theprocedures relation to applications for extension. CBK was not allowed to extendher presidential periode.

Time will show if it is correct that  thedefeated presidential candidate in fact had plans, credible to an extend to havehim arrested. Coup attempts are rare in Sri Lanka, but the military was themajor agent in the 1962 attempt. Given Sri Lankas human rights record and thepolitical use/abuse of the legal system worries  about the fairness of the trialare justified.

The president taking over the Ministry of Information andCommunication is another classic: CBK did it in November 2003

The Westernreaction and lack of action is to be expected: SriLanka is in the interst spehre of India,and is not of major importance for western interests in the region. Which giveswho ever is in power in SriLanka a certain freedom to do as it pleaseshim/her. Known by all playes in the political game.”