6. Feb 2012

Contemporary Buddhist Revival in Kalmykia: Survey of the Present State of Religiosity

Buddhism, Folk religion, InFocus, Lamaism, religion

Geographical and historical background Even today, in spite of the westward expansion of Buddhism, Kalmykia remains the only ethnic Buddhist community in Europe. At present Kalmykia has a status of a republic with a presidential form of government within the Russian Federation. It is situated in the southeast of the European part of the Russian […]

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10. Mar 2011

The Fourteenth Dalai Lama’s Retirement from Politics

Buddhism, democracy, InFocus, Tibet

Today, the 10th
of March 2011, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama announced that he will transfer his
formal authority to the leader that the exile-Tibetans chose in the upcoming
elections for a Tibetan Prime Minister-in-Exile.


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11. Nov 2009

Wild monks should raise concern in Cambodia by Anya Palm

Buddhism, cambodia, InFocus

In Cambodia, on Tuesday
Oct 26, a nun was murdered. She had grabbed the wrong bowl to feed the pigs
with and then an angry man beat her to death with a stick for her mistake. Same
day, in an unrelated case, a young student became the center of a drunken
brawl. Two men got so upset with the student that they beat him with a hammer
and an iron bar. 

The only thing those two
incidents have in common – apart from a deadly outcome for the victim – is that
the perpetrator was a Buddhist monk.

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