9. Aug 2013

On Testimonial Therapy & the Life Project

cambodia, conflict studies, Human rights, InFocus, Therapy, Trauma, Vietnam

INTERVIEW What testimonial therapy does is try & bring private suffering into public & political spheres.   Inger Agger (IA) is a psychologist, currently working with the Danish Institution Against Torture,(DIGNITY) and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies. She visited Hong Kong in early March to conduct a workshop on Testimonial Therapy, which is her […]

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1. Mar 2012

A little tale about lies by Anya Palm

cambodia, corruption, democracy, Human rights, InFocus, politics, poverty, refugees, urban development

“The neighborhood of Dey Krahorm has never received a social land concession.” This was the words of Cambodian Information Minister His Excellency Khieu Kanharith when I last visited him for an interview. About a week ago. But let´s go back a little. Let´s go back to May 2003. Prime Minister Hun Sen gives a speech […]

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8. Feb 2011

Thai politics costing lives. Again.

cambodia, InFocus, politics, Thailand

Thai politics have been somewhat baffling the past two weeks. So has Cambodian politics. And as always when the two Kingdoms clash and create irrational political atmospheres, people have suffered. In this case, several people have died. But let’s start with the beginning:

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18. Aug 2010

Abandon decency. Abandon morals. Put in the guns and get the TEMPLE! by Anya Palm

cambodia, InFocus, Thailand

Preah Vihear is an unimaginably beautiful place. It is a
province, but it takes it’s name after an 11th Century Khmer
Temple, which towers over
the landscape on a 525-metre high mountain. The temple is stunningly
well-preserved – there are still carvings of dancing Apsaras, Buddha statues
and stone stair cases leading up to a perhaps even more breathtaking view over
unspoiled nature.

That is utterly unimportant, though.

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27. Jul 2010

In Cambodia, the prize for peace is justice

cambodia, InFocus

35 years of prison time for Kaeng Kek Iev – better known as
Duch – is strange.  Iev, a prison chief
in Cambodia’s
notorious torture prison S-21 during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, is
responsible for the violent and untimely death of about 14000 people.  

He is the first person ever to stand trial and receive
verdict for his crimes during the genocide in 1975-79.

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4. Jan 2010

The World’s Worst Spy

cambodia, InFocus, Thailand

Sivarak Chutipong is a name everyone, who follows South East
Asian news, will recognize. From complete anonymousity just a few months ago,
Sivarak Chutipong became famous over night. Why? He is a spy.

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11. Nov 2009

Wild monks should raise concern in Cambodia by Anya Palm

Buddhism, cambodia, InFocus

In Cambodia, on Tuesday
Oct 26, a nun was murdered. She had grabbed the wrong bowl to feed the pigs
with and then an angry man beat her to death with a stick for her mistake. Same
day, in an unrelated case, a young student became the center of a drunken
brawl. Two men got so upset with the student that they beat him with a hammer
and an iron bar. 

The only thing those two
incidents have in common – apart from a deadly outcome for the victim – is that
the perpetrator was a Buddhist monk.

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20. Mar 2009

Cambodia’s wheel of history rolls on

cambodia, corruption, InFocus

Alexandra Kent
Senior Researcher
NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

Thirty years after the end of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, a ‘hybrid’ war crimes tribunal has finally begun. A mixed team of Cambodian and foreign lawyers have just kicked into motion with the trial of ‘Duch’, the first of five suspects to be tried. The others are Khmer Rouge leaders Khieu Samphan, Ieng Thirith, Ieng Sary and Nuon Chea.

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15. Mar 2009

Made in China. Køn og klasse på den globale arbejdsplads

cambodia, gender, InFocus

Hilda Rømer Christensen,
Sociologisk Instititut
Københavns Universitet

Cecilia Milwertz
NIAS – Nordisk Institut for Asienstudier

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