4. Dec 2013

Developing Vietnam with whom?

development, economy, InFocus, Market economy, socialism, Vietnam

Restoration 2.0 for the Resurgence of Modern Vietnam   By Mia Ji Sørensen ”Wouldn’t you define Vietnam as a middle-income country?” I was asked this rhetorical question last week. Despite its emerging economy status, with a growth rate of approximately 7 per cent during the past two decades, it is still one of the poorest […]

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24. Jan 2013

The gunslinger state of Laos

development, economy, environment, Human rights, InFocus, Laos

On December 15, on his way back from work, the Laotian director, activist and award winner, Sombath Somphone, mysteriously disappeared. The last people to see him, according to leaked surveillance footage, were the Laotian authorities at a police control post, where he was pulled over, and then driven away in a different car. Despite that, […]

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19. Jun 2012


economy, InFocus, migration, Philippines

Migration and Overseas Filipin@s [1] by Niklas Reese Close to eleven million Filipin@s across more than a hundred countries around the globe—that was the picture of Philippine outmigration at the end of 2009. This figure represents more than ten percent of the total Philippine population and a little more than one fifth of the working-age segment. […]

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9. Nov 2008

Reflections on the Global Financial Crisis and China’s Economic Development

China, economy, InFocus, policy

Christer Ljungwall,
China Economic Research Center, Stockholm School of Economics, ([email protected])

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18. Aug 2008

China – an important component in the global economy

China, development, economy, InFocus

Christer Ljungwall

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