China Innovation flag
4. Sep 2023

Creativity vs control: tensions in Chinese educational policy

China, Education, InFocus, InFocus, Innovation

For the past decade, the Chinese state has promoted the development of “mass entrepreneurship” by requiring all higher education institutions offer courses in innovation and entrepreneurship. But innovation and entrepreneurship requires creativity, critical thinking, and independence, characteristics seemingly at odds with government efforts to promote loyalty to the party-state.

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Kachin Sunflower
1. Jun 2023

Validating Kachinland’s Independent Colleges- Between market and ethnic communities 

Burma, Education, InFocus, Kachin, Myanmar

Education has long been an area of friction between the state and the Kachin people. Schools have become a site for ‘Burmanization’, the cultural imposition of the dominant Bamar ethnic group onto the country’s minorities in terms of language, cultures and historical narratives. In common with other ethnic minority organisations with high degrees of autonomy, the political wing of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) has been running its own secondary schools outside of state control.

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