Wind power stations in Vietnam
21. Jun 2023

How Just is the Just Energy Transition Partnership in Vietnam?

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In the middle of May, a sigh of relief went through the Vietnamese environmental civil society community. Nguy Thi Khanh announced on her Facebook page that she was home with family. Khanh, one of the best-known advocates for renewable energy in Vietnam, had been arrested in the beginning of 2022 for tax evasion. Before that, she was the director of the local NGO GreenID, the first Vietnamese to win the Goldman Environmental prize and her input on the energy transition was valued inside and outside Vietnam. Her arrest was a surprise to civil society actors.

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18. Jun 2010

Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day coming to the Nordic pavilions at EXPO 2010

China, energy, InFocus

On the 25th
of June 2010 the Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day will take place at the
Shanghai World Expo. Key stakeholders from the Nordic and Chinese energy
research sectors will gather to network and exchange ideas. Speakers and guests
include Ministers and high ranking government officials as well as notable
business leaders and researchers. The event will focus on how greater
Chinese-Nordic cooperation and interaction can contribute to the development
and deployment of clean energy and climate technologies. To signify the very

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8. Dec 2008

A coming clean and green energy revolution in China should attract Nordic interest

China, energy, InFocus

by Jørgen Delman and Chen Yong, NIAS In a situation where both China and the Nordic countries are eager to exploit the opportunities in the world energy and energy technology markets, the purpose of our recently published study, “Nordic Collaboration with China in Energy Research and Development”, was to point to ways in which Nordic […]

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8. Jul 2008

Nordic strategies for China and Asia – energy, environment, climate change and R&D

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Jørgen Delman PhD, Director, NIAS.

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