3. Oct 2011

A Dane in distress

Human rights, India, InFocus, Law, terrorism

By Stig Toft Madsen Research Associate, NIAS-Nordic Institute of Asian Studies The Purulia Arms drop in 1995 was a rare example of a private team of white criminals delivering weapons to an oppositional group in India. The main organizer of the arms drop was a Dane inter alia named Niels Holck. This blog discusses various […]

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6. Jan 2011

The assassination of the Punjab Governor by Ishtiaq Ahmed

InFocus, Islam, Law, Pakistan

January 6,

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27. Jul 2008

Human rights in a frenzied time

China, InFocus, Law

Otto Malmgren

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27. Jul 2008

Norsk-kinesisk menneskerettighetsdialog: mer enn diplomati og formelle møter?

China, InFocus, Law

Cecilie Figenschou Bakke
Director, China Programme, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo

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