18. Oct 2021

Competitive Hindutva

Hinduism, InFocus, political parties, religion

Moumita Sen, Associate Professor of Culture Studies at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society  Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Associate Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo The run-up to next year’s state assembly elections in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh vividly shows us the extent to which political parties across the […]

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6. Feb 2012

Contemporary Buddhist Revival in Kalmykia: Survey of the Present State of Religiosity

Buddhism, Folk religion, InFocus, Lamaism, religion

Geographical and historical background Even today, in spite of the westward expansion of Buddhism, Kalmykia remains the only ethnic Buddhist community in Europe. At present Kalmykia has a status of a republic with a presidential form of government within the Russian Federation. It is situated in the southeast of the European part of the Russian […]

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16. Oct 2011

Faith and Hope by Uzma Rehman

InFocus, Pakistan, religion

“I am distressed, anxious and befallen. I cannot rest till I find my son again. Please do something. Please pray. Please help.” These were words uttered by Hameeda, a middle-aged tall brown-skinned lady clad in shalwar-qamis (Pakistani national dress) who arrived at Baba Ji’s (a revered man; a spiritual guide) Astana Paak in a city […]

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