China Data Insights is a new and more user-friendly version of the China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CSYD). The content is the same as CSYD and it is also possible to go to CSYD via the link to “Old Version” in the upper corner of the website. China Data Insights provides access to statistical data published officially by the mainland Chinese government. China Data Insights contains 1074 kinds of statistical yearbooks, 1383340 tables, and 10592774 indicators, covering 18 topics. The content can be browsed by topic or geographical region. There are also functions for data analysis and data mining. Search is possible by topic, data sets, tables, indicators, and titles.

Please note: to get the latest yearbooks from the previous year you need to go to the Chinese version of CDI. Change language to Chinese and click on 统计年鉴。



From 01.04.2023, due to new security regulations for digital service providers within the PRC, CNKI have to temporarily suspend four of its databases pending regulatory review. They are working to reinstate the services as soon as possible after the completion of the review process.

The following of our databases are affected:

– NPCC: National Population Census of China
– CSYD/CDI: China Statistical Yearbooks database/China Data Insights

CAJ – China Academic Journals database and CCND – China Core Newspapers database are not affected. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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China Data Insights

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