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The China Information Bank contains data from Chinese business reports and literature to provide a series of economic, commercial, technological and government data for the business community. The information comes from Chinese newspapers and magazines and reputable content providers, including government agencies, academic research institutions, etc. The database has more than 8 million articles.

The main content provided by the database, including daily update and historical database:

  • China Economic News Library -Contains China-wide and related overseas business information, mainly based on media reports, with data from China
  • China Business Report Database – Contains review articles and research literature of economists and scholars on China’s macroeconomics, finance, market, industry, etc., as well as the full text of the government’s various annual reports.
  • Chinese laws and regulations database – Collect the central and local laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China since 1949, as well as relevant regulations and cases of various industries.
  • China Statistics Database – Most of the data are collected from the statistical yearbooks of China’s finance, agriculture, population, justice, and industry since 1995. Some of the statistical data can be traced back to 1949. It also includes statistical data of some overseas regions.
  • China Listed Company Literature Library – Contains information on Chinese listed companies (including A shares, B shares, and H shares), and includes various prospectuses, listing announcements, interim reports, year-end reports, and important resolutions of listed companies in the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock markets.
  • China Medical and Health Library – Contains information from more than one hundred Chinese professional and popular medical newspapers and periodicals, and provides users with information on Chinese medical research, new medicines, professional hospitals, well-known doctors, pathology and health.


English database

  • Global Business News Library – All the news materials of “Global Business News” and current news channels distributed in real time on this website since 1998 are preserved.

  • China Central and Local Government Institutions

  • China’s proposed project database

  • China Enterprise Product Library

  • Hong Kong listed company database

  • Nomenclature explanation library


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