ChinaMaxx Digital Collection of e-books

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ChinaMaxx is a collection of e-books connected to the same platform as the search engine Duxiu. Here you can find 700,000  Chinese titles focusing on social sciences and humanities. The titles are available for searching via Duxiu (select 图书) or  this ChinaMaxx homepage. Titles cannot be downloaded, only viewed online. The content of books can be partially viewed, maximum 17 pages,  and maximum 5 pages can be printed out at one time, but printing can be done unlimited times.

Ordering books for full-text access: It is possible to request that a book is purchased for full-text online reading, by clicking the button 推荐. All requests will be handled as soon as possible. In order for us both  to ensure that the request was serious, and more importantly, to be able to notify you when the title or titles are available in ChinaMaxx, please send an email  with a confirmation of  which titles you have requested with your name and institution to us at

IMPORTANT on the use of ChinaMaxx: 

  • To search for books in the whole of ChinaMaxx and request books for purchase for fulltext reading, 试读全库书 should be marked with a hook.
  • To find and read the books that have been purchased already, please remove the hook in front of 试读全库书 before doing a search.

Interface in English and Chinese, content in Chinese.

Basic User Guide.

ChinaMaxx Digital Collection of e-books