Early Chinese Periodicals Online (EPCO)


ECPO joins together several important digital collections of the early Chinese press and puts them into a single overarching framework:

WoMag  (http://womag.uni-hd.de) is a richly-tagged database of the contents of four influential women’s magazines published between 1904 and 1937, including scanned copies and additional high-level scans of images and fukan/insert materials.

Xiaobao (http://xiaobao.uni-hd.de) provides basic publication data and an overview of the contents of some 22 entertainment newspapers (xiaobao) from the late Qing and Republican periods.

The Institute of Modern History at Taiwan Academia Sinica has also built a database for one of the most long-lived women’s magazines, the Funü zazhi 《婦女雜誌》目錄資料庫 (http://mhdb.mh.sinica.edu.tw/fnzz/).

Peiodicals are divided into different categories, e g film, literature, political, gendered, religion related, family life, medicine etc.

Early Chinese Periodicals Online (EPCO)