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Korean Newspaper Archives is an integrated search platform where users can easily and promptly search and find 70 Korean newspapers with 1,924,768 articles published before 1950. Using Linked Open Data (LOD), the website also provides an overview of keyword/figure relationship and chronology for users to browse at a glance.

Some of its main features include keyword search on different categories of company, subject relationship, trend, chronology, and annotation. For example, typing in a word ‘An Jung-geun’ in the subject relationship search bar will bring up a visual overview of related figures of ‘Kim Koo’, ‘Yun Bong-gil’, organizations such as ‘Korean National Youth Corp’, ‘Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea’, events like ‘Gapsin Coup’, ‘Eulsa Treaty’ to even places ranging from ‘Japan’, ‘China’ and ‘Manchuria’.

Korean Newspaper Archives with its vast amount of newspaper articles from Korea’s Japanese colonialism and modern era is the most authentic archives indispensable for studies on Korea’s modern and contemporary history of usurped power during the colonial period.

Korean Newspaper Archives was funded by Ministry of Science, ITC and Future Planning (National Information Society Agency) and it will also be serviced through [National Library of Korea’s Digital Collection’s old newspaper collection] (http://nlcollection.nl.go.kr) which will be renewed in 2017.

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Korean Newspaper Archives

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