Modern Chinese Periodicals 近代期刊数据库

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The “Modern Periodical Database” was developed by the National Library Press. It is a sub-database of the “General Database of Chinese Historical Documents”. The “General Database of Chinese Historical Documents” is based on ancient books, Republic of China books, modern periodicals, modern newspapers, historical archives, and historical pictures. The “Modern Periodical Database” has 4449 journals, with a total of nearly 3 million pages of pictures.

The “General Database of Chinese Historical Documents·Modern Periodical Database” has the following characteristics:
◆ Quickly jump between chapters. Search for a specific article, click to read it, you can directly locate it in the whole issue, and the journal article is displayed on the left navigation bar, which is convenient for users to jump to the period article and get a full overview of the journal.
◆ Browsing and downloading are completed synchronously. When you select the whole issue browsing mode, the articles are displayed in the left navigation bar, and a download button is specially added. When users find articles needed for research, they can download them at any time without returning to the main page for searching.
◆ Full-text search is possible. In addition to the title search and download functions, all journals in this database can be searched in full text, with more than 1 billion words. Retrieval results preview, precise positioning in the image after clicking, convenient and quick

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Modern Chinese Periodicals 近代期刊数据库