Pakistan Bureau of Statistics


Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) is the prime official agency of Pakistan, responsible for collection, compilation and dissemination of reliable and timely statistical information to the policy makers, planners and researchers. It publishes a variety of reports, based on primary and secondary data, especially on economics and social aspects of the country.

Main Activities of PBS

Collection and compilation of statistical data relating to various socio-economic sectors through primary, secondary sources and administrative records of the government:


  1. Price Statistics
  2. Labour Force Statistics
  3. Demographic Statistics
  4. Household Income & Expenditure Statistics
  5. Statistics on Social & Economic status of household
  6. Private Building Construction Statistics
  7.  Population & Housing Census
  8. Agriculture & Livestock Census


  1. Statistics of Manufacturing Industries
  2. Social Statistics like Education, Health, Sports and Culture
  3.  Mining and Electricity Undertakings Statistics
  4. Business and Communication


  1. Foreign Trade Statistics
  2. Public Finance Statistics
  3. Publication of Statistical data.
  4. Supply of Statistical information to Federal Ministries, Provincial Governments and other National & International Organizations.
  5. To provide advice in technical matters like sample designing and preparation of questionnaires to other agencies/departments
  6. Evaluation and introduction of standard concepts, definitions and classifications pertaining to national statistical series.
  7. Evaluation of statistical methods for estimation.
  8. On job training to the working statisticians of various Federal/Provincial organizations.
  9. Preparation of National Accounts.
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Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

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