Policy Information Portal POINT


POlicy INformaTion (POINT) provided by National Sejong Library provides government officials with information needed for their policymaking activities and allows the general public to access policy information conveniently.

By using integrated search, you can view full-text policy reports, policy materials provided by institutions participating in the National Association for Policy Information, bibliographic information, journals/papers, foreign ebooks and policy-related websites. The policy materials are classified into 17 policy fields and 68 policy areas in accordance with the Business Reference Model (BRM) (that sorts materials by the government’s function).

For policy trend information, the Policy Trend menu provides information on recent policy trends, guidelines by policy field and national agendas. You can also find information about institutions, statistics, legislation, standards and seminars at the Policy Information Sources menu.

The website offers a total of 270 million content which includes around 300,000 online policy reports, 260 million journal articles (290,000 titles), 900 websites and 720,000 materials provided by partner institutions.

Policy Information Portal POINT