Taiwan e-books


Taiwan E-books is a big collection of open access e-books within a wide range of subjects, and maintained by the National Central Library of Taiwan.It can be browsed/ searched according to subjects and publication year, author, publication place and keywords.

In 2015 a nationwide project commenced called Digital Archives Project on Taiwan Historical Collections. University libraries, public libraries, government institutions, and research organization were invited to participate. The aim is to digitize works that were published between 1911-1949 for future preservation and use in a Taiwan eBook database.

Taiwan E-books also includes government publications as well as the collection 1000 books by 100 people. The open-access project called Authorization of 1,000 Books by 100 People to Share Knowledge with the World seeks to acquire outstanding humanities or social science publications and research written in traditional Chinese.

  • Interface in English and Chinese. Content in Chinese.
Taiwan e-books