The Complete Collection Database of Culture Relics and Archaeology in Western Regions 西域文物考古全集数据库

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All the database materials are compiled by the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Cultural Relics Bureau. It’s a collection of the 60 years of Xinjiang archaeological research findings, and comprehensively contains the graphic materials and achievements of the cultural relics and archaeology in the western region at home and abroad. It is the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of cultural relics and archaeological data of the Western Regions.

The Western Region, which refers to the central area of ​​Eurasia, is the economic and cultural transit point of East and West, and is the most important node on the Silk Road. “Western History and Cultural Resources Database” currently contains 39 volumes of books , more than 13,000 documents and more than 70,000 precious pictures, which are continuously updated every year. The database resources include more than 10,000 immovable cultural relics in 88 counties and cities in Xinjiang . The types of cultural relics include ancient ruins, ancient tombs, ancient buildings, cave temples and stone carvings, and important modern and historical sites. Cultural relics and materials related to the Neolithic culture of the primitive society of Xinjiang, the ” Silk Road ” , the archaeological culture of ancient ethnic minorities, the ancient Loulan Kingdom, the history of the development of Xinjiang Buddhism, Islamic culture and Christianity in Xinjiang. Each cultural relic is described in terms of address and location, environmental conditions, introduction, preservation status, and remarks. At the same time, high-resolution photos of cultural relics, location maps of collection points and relative location maps with surrounding cultural relics points are attached. There are more than 13,000 documents, more than 70,000 pictures, and 39 volumes of books .

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The Complete Collection Database of Culture Relics and Archaeology in Western Regions 西域文物考古全集数据库