The National History Database of the P.R.C/中华人民共和国国史数据库

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“The National History Database of the People’s Republic of China” introduces the national history of the People’s Republic of China. Currently the whole library includes “Contemporary China” series, “People’s Republic of China chronological national history” series and “Modern Chinese City” series of books and other 240 more than volumes of books, over 55.000 dccuments, 3 million pictures. The time span  is from July 1921 to the end of the 20th century.

Core resources include:

  • “Contemporary China Series” from the Institute of Contemporary China
  • “The Chronicle of National History of the People’s Republic of China”,
  • “Contemporary China Urban Development Series”

“Contemporary China Series”
The first large-scale tool history book that comprehensively records the national history of the People’s Republic of China , compiled by a special institution for the study of national history, namely the Institute of Contemporary China. The compilation of this series of books lasted 16 years and involved 100,000 people. The central leader in the second line is the editor-in-chief, attracting experts, scholars and practical workers from all walks of life to participate in the compilation work. The series collects and uses a large amount of rich, real, and systematic data, divided into 24 categories, such as political society, mass organizations, diplomatic relations, economy, transportation, science and technology, national defense, and military.


“Chronicle of National History of the People’s Republic of China”
A serious large-scale national history information book has been published successively from 1949 to 1963 , which aims to provide accurate and reliable historical records for the study of the national history of the People’s Republic of China. During the compilation of the series, a large number of archives never published by the Central Archives were collected. At the same time, attention was paid to the use of the private works of the parties and the latest historical materials published in Taiwan and abroad.

In terms of the scope of selection, it is mainly the documents of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China; important national laws and regulations; conference resolutions; important speeches, messages and important editorials and articles of the Party and State leaders that have overall guiding significance at the time, including national leaders People ’s state affairs and important instructions and remarks, important meetings of the CPC Central Committee, political activities in various fields, etc., highlighting national diplomacy, democratic parties, the People ’s Political Consultative Conference, central and local governments at all levels, regional reforms, nationalities Regional autonomy, national economy, ideology, cultural education and health care, religion, social life, and many other contents have also been reflected in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.

The series is an official history and a history of faith, and it has records of major historical events, such as: the convening of the first political consultation meeting; the ” Great Leap Forward ” movement; economic recovery measures after the founding of the country; the official judgment of ” three years of natural disasters ” ; “The Sino-Soviet Debate ” ; the patriotic movement to increase production; the ” three anti, five anti ” movement; the suppression of the counter-revolutionary movement;

This series of books clarifies some misconceptions in academic research, and also corrects many popular disagreements and wrong conclusions in historical facts, such as: 1. Many works will discuss the ” Representatives of all walks of life ” and ” Representatives of people from all walks of life ” “The meeting ” is confused; 2. In the past, it was generally believed that Mao Zedong led all the Central People’s Government members to the Tiananmen Tower during the founding ceremony. After the textual research, 56 members including Peng Dehuai, Ye Jianying, Lin Biao, Xi Zhongxun, and Long Yun were not in Beijing that day.

Includes 30266 pictured,  64040 articles, 242 volumes of books.


In Chinese.

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The National History Database of the P.R.C/中华人民共和国国史数据库