The Silk Road Historical Archives and Materials Database 丝绸之路西域文献史料辑要数据库

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The “Silk Road Western Region Documents and Historical Materials Compendium Database”  is a collection of Chinese and foreign literature and materials in the core area of ​​the Silk Road, from nearly 100 libraries, archives, and museums around the world as well as research institutions, publishing institutions and individual collectors.

The library is divided into three parts: ancient documents, documents of the Republic of China, and rare archives, with a total of 391 volumes. Among them, “Red Mountain Broken Leaf”, “Western Bamboo Branch Ci”, “Bu Guo Zhai Wen Du”, “Bu Guo Zhai Wen Du sequel”, “Bu Guo Zhai Diary” and many other materials are precious documents that are here for the first  time publicly available. The whole library brings together all historical documents of the Western Regions with documentary value, academic value, reference value, research value, and inheritance value from the Han Dynasty to the Republic of China. The content involves ancient and modern politics, economy, trade, culture, geography, humanities, archaeology, expeditions, nationalities, folk customs, ancient military and other aspects.

It contains three parts:

“The Department of Ancient Documents and Historical Materials ”

Documents and historical materials about the Western Regions before and after the Republic of China. Its content includes descriptions and recordings of the affiliation, evolution and customs of the ancient Western Regions, including ancient politics, economy, military, border defense, ethnicity, religion, culture, customs, products, foreign affairs, geography, and landforms.


” Ministry of Documents and Historical Materials of the Republic of China ”

Collectedand collated domestic and foreign literature and historical materials about the Western Regions during the Republic of China period, and discuss historical, political, economic, and cultural discourses, reports, studies, Ji You, and other historical materials. Historical materials that are hard to find in today’s history books, especially Xinjiang in the Republic of China. Historical materials.


“Distinctive Archives and Historical Materials Department ”

A collection of important historical materials of Xinjiang before the founding of New China. The content includes historical data in various aspects such as archaeology, history, culture, and economy. Through the excavation, sorting and research of historical archives, it comprehensively reflects the important historical significance of the Silk Road. There are 3111 entries and 467 books.

In Chinese.

On trial until 30 November 2020.

The Silk Road Historical Archives and Materials Database 丝绸之路西域文献史料辑要数据库