Toyo Keizai Digital Content Library (DCL)

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Toyo Keizai  DC is an online database for libraries, providing web-based searching and browsing of the periodic publications from Toyo Keizai Inc., Japan’s leading publisher in business and economics, with a history spanning more than 120 years.

This comprehensive databases covers

  • Weekly Toyo Keizai (1997-present) 『週刊東洋経済』
    • Cover stories focusing on topics such as economic and social changes, trends, crises and in-depth reporting.
      Contains articles on the latest economic news, as well as industry and corporate analysis, authored by specialist journalists.
      A rich selection of serials covers stocks, exchange rates and other market information, foreign affairs, book reviews, essays, reports, etc.
  • Supplements, special editions, and MOOKs (2011-present) 『別冊/臨時増刊/MOOK』
    • Non-periodical publications featuring popular topics.
      Special editions on universities, job-hunting, insurance, regions, railway industry, stock market, etc.
  • Hitotsubashi Business Review (2006-present) 『一橋ビジネスレビュー
    • Cover stories and articles based on theoretical and practical research.
      Case studies of popular companies, widely used in lectures and job training.
  • Japan Company Handbook  (2006-present)
    • English version of Kaisha Shikiho (meaning Corporate Quarterly Reports) for the Japanese domestic market practical research.
      Searchable with English corporate names

Weekly Toyo Keizai (Shūkan Tōyō Keizai (週刊東洋経済) is a weekly business and finance magazine published in Tokyo.. Founded in 1895 it is one of the earliest business publications in the country.

The magazine was established under the name Toyo Keizai Shimpo, which modelled on the British business magazine The Economist.   In May 1934 the English edition of the magazine, The Oriental Economist, was launched. It became a significant reference point for those who would like to be informed about the economy of Japan.   The Oriental Economist folded in 1986. It was restarted as a website in October 2015.

Extended tempory access during the Corona Virus Pandemic period and until 31 May 2020.

In Japanese.

Toyo Keizai Digital Content Library (DCL)