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The  Village Investigation Database available from Social Science Academic Press came online in January. It is a sub-database to the Rural China Database which will officially be online in August 2020. The Rural China Database is based on SSAP’s academic resources on “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” research, urban-rural relations, ethnic regions and overseas rural research. It integrates county and village project research resources to provide research data to analyze the “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” issues and urban and rural development laws.

The  Village Investigation Database currently has a total of 1 billion words, including more than 2,700 books, 50,000 reports, and 250,000 picture and charts. It contains six major sections, including

  • Chinese villages,
  • cademic villages,
  • theme research,
  • basic information,
  • academic history,
  • scientific research services.

The types of resources include

  • “research articles”,
  • “investigation reports”,
  • “survey data”,
  • “local chronicles”,
  • “folk documents”,
  • “oral information” and so on.

Among them,”academic villages” includes the research of

  • “Man Tie Village”,
  • “Guizhou Tunbao Village” and
  • “Zhang Letian Lianmin Village”,

and new academic village resources will be added.

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Available until 30 November 2020.

In Chinese.

Village Investigation Database