Homepage of the Unofficial poetry journals from China collection at Leiden University Library

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Leiden University Libraries has made a large number of unofficial poetry journals from China accessible online in this collection with  thousands of pages from an internationally unique collection of unofficial Chinese poetry for teaching, research, and the general public, including literary criticism and polemics.

Unofficial poetry journals from China


The Leiden University collection is internationally unique. It was built by Maghiel van Crevel, who donated it to the library in 2006 and has continued to add new acquisitions. The help of Chinese poets and scholars has been invaluable throughout.

The journals are hugely influential but difficult to access. In order to address this paradox and to advance research, teaching, translation, and use by the general reader, Leiden University Libraries is working to digitize the collection, in collaboration with the Fudan University Library. A first set of key items was digitized with the generous support of Freerk Heule.

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