ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute is a leading research centre dedicated to the study of socio-political, security, and economic trends and developments in Southeast Asia and its wider geostrategic and economic environment. ISEAS Publishing disseminates important research and analyses from and about Southeast Asia to the rest of the world and is the largest publisher of academic books that focuses on Southeast Asian politics, economics and social issues. This collection of ISEAS e-books covers a selection of 621  titles from 1980 – 2018,  + upcoming titles from 2018.

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ISEAS e-books collection is a licensed collection with all copyrights owned by ISEAS.

ALLOWED USAGE of the material by authorized users at NNC institutions:

• You can electronically display, download and print copies of the materials FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY only.

• You are allowed to extract or use information in the materials for educational, scientific, or research purposes, including for the purpose of illustration, explanation, example, comment, criticism, teaching, research, or analysis.

• You may also use, with appropriate credit, figures, tables and brief excerpts from the materials in your own scientific, scholarly and educational works.

• You may use a reasonable portion of the materials in the preparation of Course Packs or other educational materials.

• You may use a reasonable portion of the materials for use in connection with specific courses of instruction offered by your NNC institution

• As an authorized user you may transmit to a third party who is in a specific joint research project with you a hard copy or electronically, minimal, insubstantial amounts of the materials for personal use or scholarly, educational, or scientific research or professional use but IN NO CASE FOR RESALE.

You are NOT ALLOWED to:

• Permit anyone other than users from other NNC institutions to use the materials.

• Modify or create a derivative work of the materials without the prior written permission from NIAS Library. This includes data mining.

• Remove, obscure or modify any copyright or other notices included in the materials.

• Use the materials for commercial purposes, including but not limited to the sale of the materials or bulk reproduction or distribution of the materials in any form.

• Interlibrary loans are not allowed

Please note: Any breach of the allowed usage of the material can lead to the access to the material being closed down and, if serious, may also require financial reimbursements to the copyright owner.

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Terms of use

The licensed databases may only be used for personal and scientific purposes, as well as for research and educational purposes. It is strictly forbidden to change, rewrite, systematically copy, redistribute, sell, publish or in any way use the material for commercial purposes.
Systematic and/or automated duplication of content, such as but not limited to, text-mining and data-mining is not allowed without prior consent from NIAS.  Please contact the NIAS Library for further information.
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