2022 Taiwan Scholarships

CfA: Taiwan Scholarship

The Taipei Representative Office in Denmark invites citizens of the Kingdom of Denmark and Iceland to apply for the 2022 Taiwan Scholarships, offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Republic of China (Taiwan).


To encourage young people from the Kingdom of Denmark and Iceland to undertake degree programs in Taiwan from the September of 2022.

Amount and duration

Bachelor’s program:

– Tuition and payment of academic fees including course-credit fee and basic study-related fees up to a maximum amount of NTD 40 000 (DKK9302) each semester. Fees exceeding this amount need to be paid by the scholarship recipients themselves.

– Subsistence allowance: NTD 15 000 / monthly (DKK3488), up to four years.

Master’s program:

– Tuition and payment of academic fees: same as above.

– Subsistence allowance: NTD 20 000 / monthly (DKK4651), up to two years.

Doctorate program:

– Tuition and payment of academic fees: same as above.

– Subsistence allowance: NTD 20 000/ monthly (DKK4651), up to four years. (Exchange Rate: 1 Dkk = 4.3 NTD approx.)


Applicants must be a Danish or Icelandic citizen, with an upper secondary school diploma or above.

For further details regarding the scholarship, please refer to the Ministry’s website and the attached scholarship directions.

Applicants who meet any of the following conditions are ineligible to apply:

-ROC (Taiwan) nationals or overseas Chinese;

-A person who already has and is continuing to maintain student status at any university/college in    Taiwan or who has already registered to begin studies at such a university/college. This restriction does not apply to a student who will be graduating after completing a degree that year. They may apply for a Taiwan Scholarship to pursue a higher degree.

-A person who has already studied in Taiwan for a degree at the same level as the one in which they currently intend to enroll.

-An exchange student or dual/joint degree student who has been admitted to a university/college in Taiwan in accordance with an academic cooperation agreement between that university/college and an overseas university/college.

-A person who has already been a Taiwan Scholarship recipient for a total of 5 years.

-A person who has ever previously had their Taiwan Scholarship or MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship revoked.

-A person who has received any other scholarship or subsidy from any Taiwan Government institution (organization) or any education institution in Taiwan, apart from any subsidies provided for a Taiwan Scholarship recipient by their university/college to cover the outstanding amount if the total amount of their tuition and other fees exceeds the scholarship limit.

Closing date for application

Applicants must apply directly to the university/college for admission within the application deadline. Each university/college sets its own application deadline.

Application documents must arrive at our office no later than 30 April 2022

Selection Process:

(1) A document review will be conducted in May. The Taipei Representative Office in Denmark will select primary candidate and candidates on the waiting list.

(2) Candidate should submit a copy of their letter of admission to the Taipei Representative Office for verification by June 30, 2022. Failure to be admitted into a university/college will result in suspension from the Scholarship Program. Failure to submit documents within the specified time period will result in disqualification, and the candidates on the waiting list will be offered the scholarship instead.

For enquiries, please contact:

Taipei Representative Office in Denmark (Taiwan Scholarship)

Phone:   +45 3393 5152

Email:   [email protected]

Taipei Representative Office

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