Courting Mao’s Blessing

10:30 to 12:00

«Revolutionary Committees (1967)» courtesy of International Institute of Social History. Photo:

Welcome to a new lecture in the “Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party” series this autumn semester: Floating Authority and Virtual Allies: Prefectural Factionalism in the Cultural Revolution by Cui Jinke, University of Vienna and University of Cologne.

Studies have shown that the fierce factional conflicts and related casualties in the Cultural Revolution were caused by local Revolutionary Committees lacking formal recognition by Mao Zedong. This lecture challenges the assumption of a centralized command chain between Mao Zedong and local revolutionary committees. Using a case study of Shandong and Shanxi, it explains the complex dynamics between multi-level government entities, the army, and local Revolutionary Committees.

Please register: The guest lecture will be digital, and is open for everyone who are interested. To receive a link to the meeting, please register here.

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The lecture will be recorded and the video put online after the lecture.