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Aarhus University guest lecture: Hugo Cardoso

October 8, 2014 - 12:00-13:00

Welcome to Cognitive Creolistics guest lecture 1:
“Convergence in the Indo-Portuguese creoles of the Malabar” by Hugo C. Cardoso, University of Lisbon
Long given as extinct, the Indo-Portuguese creoles of the Malabar [here taken with reference to the whole of modern-day Kerala] were re-encountered in recent times and, since then, have been going through a period of documentation and description. Modern-day corpora have been in construction since 2006 on the basis of interviews and elicitation from the last speakers of these languages, in Vypeen (Cochin/Kochi) and Cannanore/Kannur. These add to – and to a large extent call into question – previous records from the late 19th-century (Schuchardt 1882; 1889), to provide insights into the oldest of all Eurasian creoles.
In essence, the Indo-Portuguese creoles of the Malabar constitute instances of endogenous creoles, formed as a result of the settlement of a Romance-speaking migrant minority in a Dravidian-majority area. In linguistic terms, one of the most striking facts unearthed by recent research on these creoles is the extent to which they have converged towards Dravidian structures. In this, they are akin to the better known Sri Lanka Portuguese (see e.g. Smith 1977; 1979; Bakker 2006) and Sri Lanka Malay (see e.g. Aboh & Ansaldo 2007), which had until now been interpreted as unique in this respect. In this talk, we will explore some clear cases of convergence in several domains, from word order to case-marking and semantic templates, and discuss how diachronic differences in external (i.e. socio-historical) ecology may have decisively shaped the typological profiles of these creoles.
Venue:  Nobelparken 1485-414, Aarhus University
Aarhus University guest lecture: Hugo Cardoso


October 8, 2014