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Abandoned places. Atmospheres of ruins and ghost towns

November 5, 2012 - 00:30

The aim of this seminar is to explore the role of abandoned places as sites that offer a lens into people’s perception of past and future.

Abandoned places may emerge as a consequence of urbanisation, violent conflict, or, particularly in the west, as post-industrial society is increasingly leaving industrial and rural areas depopulated. On the one hand abandoned places may evoke nostalgia or melancholy, and on the other hand they also offer a re-use potential for creative arts or sites for tourism.

Furthermore, the recent phenomenon of ‘modern ghost towns’ in Asia and Africa invites for consideration of prospective ruins that not only illuminates perceptions of past but also futures and the role of atmospheres in perceptions of space. Studying sites of abandonment and absence can thus inform a theorizing of ruins and ghost towns as affective, economic, and transformative sites.

Participants without papers are required to register by name, position and a short description of area of interest to Michael Ulfstjerne at mau@hum.ku.dk by October 19th.

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Abandoned places. Atmospheres of ruins and ghost towns


November 5, 2012