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Agency and Social Change: What Value Heritage?

November 6, 2013 - 10:15-12:00

Guest Lecture by Professor Amareswar Galla


The agency of heritage conservation in social transformations has rarely been the focus of conceptual debates or methodological interrogation. The rhetoric and reality of participatory democracy or active citizenship are under scrutiny for evidence based outcomes. Connectivity and complexity are critical to understanding stakeholder engagement and accountability, where it has become passé in Europe to tag issues, especially economic, in major forums as ‘crisis as a challenge’. The argument is that conservation is good business when the stakeholder analysis is inclusive and responsive maximising on the delivery side with benefits to the primary and other stakeholders. The lecture will draw on the analysis for framing the values embedded in the in the paradigm of an interdisciplinary holistic methodology informing sustainable heritage development.

More information here. See the program here

Place: Room 21.0.54 Multisalen, Faculty of Humanisties, KUA2

Host: Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, ToRS

Contact: Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen (miriamz@hum.ku.dk)

Agency and Social Change: What Value Heritage?


November 6, 2013