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Anindita Datta holds SASNET lecture on Genderscapes

September 21, 2012 - 13:15-15:00

Assistant Professor Anindita Datta from the Dept. of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India, holds a SASNET lecture at Lund University on ”Genderscapes and their link to Natural Landscapes in India” . The seminar is organized in collaboration with the Centre for East and South East Asian Studies (ACE).

Anindita Datta spends the month of September 2012 at Lund University as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder (through the EMEA Asia Regional programme). At Lund University she is hosted by the Centre for Gender Studies. In her presentation, Dr. Datta theorises the influence of natural landscape or terrain on the initial construction of feminine gender roles and eventually of the dominant ‘genderscapes’ in India.

Abstract: All along the discussion, an attempt is made to understand the regional nuances in the construction of feminine gender roles within particular genderscapes with reference to the role of terrain or natural landscape. It is argued that such landscapes, primarily by virtue of their terrain conditions, lay the foundations for a specific set of cultural conditions to emerge. These cultural layers, that include a specific kinship regime, work in tandem in creating and sustaining regional gender constructs. Thus, the basis of regional differences in the construction of feminity and feminine gender roles, may be traced in part to specific types of natural landscapes or terrain and the consequent demand for women’s labour that they evoke. The latter is itself contingent upon, among other factors, the productivity of agricultural land. Despite significant changes in society, the relevance of these initial natural landscape inspired constructs of gender remain.  

Venue: ACE, Scheelevägen 15 D, Lund.

Anindita Datta holds SASNET lecture on Genderscapes


September 21, 2012