Anti-Racism International Youth Writing Contest

Call for Papers

The discourse of multiculturalism too often frames racism as an isolated historical phenomenon that was successfully replaced by cultural diversity. This rhetoric fails to acknowledge the legacy of discriminatory policies that continue to impact many racialized communities today. The effects of racism have been particularly pronounced in student communities who endure precarious work conditions and institutional racism, and whose community networks have dissolved as a result of the pandemic.

In response to the systematic disenfranchisement of youth, the Anti-Racism International Youth Writing Contest is designed to offer students the opportunity to define and lead conversations about racism, at a personal and political level. This is a youth-led competition for youth, open to anyone aged 14 to 21 across the world, regardless of background and nationality.


“We have always lived in a pandemic of racism.”

Submit a piece of written work about your reflections on the given quote. We are interested in hearing your story and unique perspective about the topic; the use of personal narratives to inform your writing is highly encouraged.

Submission: All essays are to be submitted through this form by 22  August 2022 at 11:59 pm EST. If you are unable to access the google form, please submit the following materials to [email protected] by August 22: a single pdf document of your essay meeting all the format requirements (12-point font, title, word count, no identifying information) and a second pdf document with the following information: name, school affiliation, age, and a statement confirming that you have read the Essay Specifications and Terms and Conditions.

Winners will be announced in October 2022. For further information surrounding essay requirements, awards, and our roster of judges, please refer to our webpage and our Instagram account where questions are answered in detail.

Cash prize: (1st place) 1000CAD, (2nd place) 500CAD, (3rd place) 200CAD


For any inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Toronto Ward Museum, University of Toronto