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Asia Forum on Globalisation and Rising Powers – Challenges and Opportunities for China and India

October 24, 2013 - 10:30-12:00


With Dr. Sumit Roy, Senior Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala

Globalisation is a historical process. Its contemporary phase is marked by the compression of the world, a blurring of national borders, and the interlocking of states driven by new information, communication technology and rapid transportation. This is underscored by a shift in emphasis from state, to non–state, market led policies and the creation of a ‘new space’ which coexists with the nation state. This calls for global governance centered on ‘collective action’ to tackle economic and political challenges.

In this context there is intense controversy over the capacity of China and India, two key nations among the ‘Rising Powers’ or the ‘Emerging Giants’ to become major players in the world. They function under different socio-political systems-China a ‘planned,’ ‘state directed’, and ‘centralized democracy’ run by one party and India a ‘mixed’ state and market economy based on ‘multiparty democracy.’ In this respect, the focus of this seminar is on capturing more fully through political economy the key forces, which enhance and inhibit the capacity of both to pursue their goals. This is underscored by (a) a structural transformation aimed at diversifying and boosting growth and employment, whilst tackling domestic socio-economic and political strife and (b) building strategic ties or alliances with nations/regions and institutions within and beyond Asia to bolster economic and political influence. The seminar will focus provide insights on the reality of both nations pursuing their vision and outline critical implications for security and development.


To attend, RSVP by October 23rd, 2013 to Ms. Lisa Bäckman at lbackman@isdp.eu

Location: ISDP, Västra Finnbodavägen 2, Stockholm-Nacka

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Asia Forum on Globalisation and Rising Powers – Challenges and Opportunities for China and India


October 24, 2013