Audible and Visible Multilingualism in Taiwan with Dr. Henning Klöter

12:15 to 13:00

The Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo invites to this lecture where Dr. Henning Klöter discusses the many facets of languages on Taiwan.

Dr. Klöter will provide an overview of Taiwan’s language situation by taking stock of the languages that are currently spoken, their sociolinguistic status and their social and geographical distribution. Special attention will be given to the phenomenon of language shift, i.e. the exclusive use of Mandarin and the discontinuation of regional language use among younger speakers. Also he will look at the visible manifestation of different languages in the linguistic landscape of Taipei city. Taking street name signs as an example, he will show that until today, official signage strictly reflects language norms and official standards of the post-1949 period and excludes non-standard linguistic alternatives such as Southern Min or Hakka.

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he Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, Oslo University