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Between celebration and stigmatisation: a history of Japanese animation since 1956

November 21, 2012 - 15:00-17:00

Department of Oriental Languages
Wednesday lectures ”Current issues in Asia”, fall term 2012
Between celebration and stigmatisation: a history of Japanese animation since 1956
Tomohiro Morisawa, PhD, postdoctoral research fellow at Stockholm School of Economics, the European Institute of Japanese Studies
Since the dawn of the 21st century, it is as though anime has gone through something of a sea change. As Miyazaki replaces Kurosawa, Picachu stands almost side by side with Mickey Mouse, and Cosplay takes over the world, it appears all is set for anime’s rosy future – or is it? In fact, the current composition of discourses surrounding  anime in Japan is rather highly contingent and complex. The contemporary history of Japanese animation interweaves entangled trajectories of socio-economic precarious-ness of production and cultural stigmatisation of consumption, as well as its gra-dual rise to globalisation in 2000s. In this lecture, I will carefully but briefly unpack this complex history of Japanese animation from 1956, when Japan’s first commercial animation production studio was founded in Tokyo. This means, among others, to move away from a textual analysis of anime, to situate it firmly in the social, cultural, economic, and historical relations of its production, distribution, and consumption over the past half century. 
Venue: Kräftriket 4A, Auditorium, Department of Oriental Languages, Stockholm University
0.8 km South of subway [T-bana ’Universitetet’] /Stockholm University Frescati; ’Albano’ with bus 40, 70 or 670

Between celebration and stigmatisation: a history of Japanese animation since 1956


November 21, 2012