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Call for papers: Sasnet international conference on South Asia in transformation

November 15, 2014 - 00:00

The Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET) at Lund University invites researchers with a focus on South Asia to a three-day conference in Lund, May 2015. The conference seeks to explore the impact of the on-going structural transformation in South Asia.


South Asia is currently undergoing a structural transformation in which large sections of the population are gradually moving from the agricultural sector into other sectors of the economy and/or geographical areas, mainly urban areas. These processes include urbanization, the growth of a new middle class, and increasing national and transnational migration.

The purpose of the conference is to explore the social consequences of the transformation of South Asian societies (and by implication, the world). Structural transformations produce new opportunities and risks as job possibilities and wealth are created and redistributed unevenly. This may lead to the marginalization of some groups as well as social conflicts. The aim of this conference is also to map the social impact of South Asia’s structural transformation so far, with specific reference to changes in labour migration patterns and in the composition of the care economy of families and households. Each of these aspects is often studied in isolation despite the fact that they are deeply interrelated.

Further, the conference explores interrelated social and economic aspects of sustainability simultaneously and targets a process whose outcomes will be felt across the world, given the sheer population size of South Asia. For global sustainability purposes, it is crucial to map the current state of affairs and explore different development possibilities and scenarios for this region. Papers that compare South Asia with other regions are welcome.


  1. Urbanization and social sustainability
     2. Changes in family and households
     3. Migrations and transnationalism
     4. Changing caste relations and social sustainability
     5. Changing labour markets
     6. Demography, social sustainability and care
     7. Ethnicity, religion & social sustainability
     8. Environmental and social sustainability
     9. Structural transformation and social conflicts
     10. Structural transformations in historical and comparative perspective

Participants interested in chairing a seminar are encouraged to send in a CV (PhD required) and a chairing proposal including suggestions for participants (max 500 words).


  1. The title of the paper
    2. The author(s), their institutional affiliation, phone number and e-mail address
    3. A brief summary of the paper, including the research problem, the main arguments, theory and methodology (not more than 250 words).

Abstract proposals are due November 15th, 2014
 and should be submitted to conference@sasnet.lu.se

We will notify the authors of accepted abstracts by January 15th, 2015.
 Full papers of accepted abstracts are due on March 15, 2015 (5000-8000 words).
 Participants will be responsible for covering their own travel expenses.

Keynote speakers

– Gita Sen (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India and Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard, USA)

– Arlie Hochschild (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

– Ruth Kattumuri  (London School of Economics, London, England)

– Zoya Hasan (Indian Council of Social Science Research, National Fellow, India)

– Abram de Swaan (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherland)


Date and venue: 20-22 May 1015, Lund University, Sweden

Fore more information: Here

Call for papers: Sasnet international conference on South Asia in transformation


November 15, 2014