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CBCI Lecture: “The Silk Roads in a Global Perspective”

March 21, 2013 - 17:30-19:00

by Birgitte S. Crawfurd

‘The ancient Silk Roads’ (‘Seidenstrasse(n)’) was coined by the German geographer, Ferdinand von Richthofen, as a term for the more than 2,000 years old trade network spanning between the ancient capitals of Rome in the west and of ChangAn (Xian) in the east. The ancient Silk Roads consisted of an interrelated network of three main trade routes winding their way across Eurasia. The dynamics of the trade depended upon the rise and the fall of the big empires on the Eurasian continent. The ancient Silk Roads were a dynamic cross-cultural transmitter of art and religion, science and inventions, and of status symbols like silk, horses, glass and other luxury goods. The trade was global and was handled by a many middlemen. Goods were small and costly; transfers were time consuming and dangerous.

’New Silk Roads’ were born by modern globalization and new geo-politics, industrialization and high speed. These Silk Roads may be regarded as a fast and instant cross-cultural transmitter of broader aspects of the old trade networks and of cross-cultural interactions. The region of Shanghai with its waterways and geo-politics is a fine example of this, as is Shanghai’s growing importance within world finances and global trade.

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Copenhagen Business School, Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg, Room: DSØ 052


CBCI Lecture: “The Silk Roads in a Global Perspective”


March 21, 2013