CfP: Catholicism, Family, and Asian Societies

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This conference investigates how Catholic identities influence the composition and values of contemporary Asian families, the ethical dilemmas they confront and the political contexts in which they engage. Catholicism in Asia is often presented as the religion of a minority, and little attention is given to the ways this world religion impacts the local social fabric. Similarly, Asian Catholics are easily perceived as a periphery of world Catholicism. Although missionaries from Korea, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines are present all around the world, little attention is given to how Asian forms of Catholicism are reshaping world Catholicism today. Thus, through the lens of kinship practices, this conference seeks to discuss the role of Catholicism in the social fabric of Asian societies as well as the contribution of Asian Catholics to world Catholicism.

The conference takes place on February 10-11th, 2022 as part of the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics (ISAC) hosted by the Asia Research Institute.

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