CfP: Contested Asian Parenting in Intra-Asia Migration

00:00 to 23:59

Immigrant and migrant parenting from and within Asia is a surprisingly understudied topic. This is despite intraregional migration (the median age of migrants in Asia is 35) being the dominant form of migration here. In a workshop hosted by The Asia Research Insitute (ARI) of the National University of Singapore, they bring together scholars of Asian migration to consider what migrant parenting in Asia means for parents, families, and communities across old, new and/or multiple homes.

In this connection (ARI) is calling for empirically grounded work which considers migrant parental care ranging from (but not limited to) classed, gendered and ethnicized parenting practices such as intensive parenting, remittance-sending and care-giving at a distance, food work, native language maintenance, culture work, and substitute care by relatives or fictive kin. By focusing on the emplaced, embodied, and gendered aspects of parenting, the workshop provides a finely grained lens to investigate intersectional agencies and subjectivities among migrant parents as well as the conjuncture between family and citizenship practices in superdiverse, multi-ethnic, Asian settings.

Read more about the call at ARI’s website.

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