CfP: Isles and Exiles

00:00 to 23:59

With this conference, the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) wants to bring to the fore the multiple identities of Taiwan, conceived as a paradoxical space: an entity separated by water from the mainland yet connected by the sea to the islands of the Pacific; a place on the periphery, yet one that is central to regional and global dynamics; a land affected by the challenges posed by the environment, but which is also a source of experiments in community, economic and ecological development; a place of arrival and refuge, or of departure and escape.

The 19th EATS annual conference would therefore like to invite contributions from all disciplines, pertaining to all periods, in order to address and respond to the wider implications of the theme of ‘Isles and Exiles’. The conference will take place on April, 6th – 8th 2022.

Read more about the event here.