CfP: Postcapitalism and the Humanities

Call for Papers

The journal Darshikā: Journal of Integrative and Innovative Humanities is seeking submission of a special issue on postcapitalism and the humanities.

Looming ecological and economic catastrophe has lent urgency to calls for “concrete utopian” solutions to capitalism’s excesses and to global governments’ failure to constrain those excesses—or to constrain them in ways that are consistent with democratic principles and international solidarity.  In this issue, we would like to prioritize articles that address the humanities’ role(s) in articulating and implementing real solutions to the political and economic issues of the twenty-first century.  We are interested in articles that emphasize the constructive over the diagnostic.  The humanities have always played a role in creating awareness and generating affect, but what role might they play in constructing alternatives to current systems, whether on the level of imagination or through political participation and economic policy?  Are utopian texts and societies, which are often studied in humanities disciplines, suggestive for twenty-first century postcapitalist politics?  How do contemporary postcapitalist theorists (anarchists, democratic socialists, etc.) draw on or alter humanistic traditions?  And would the humanities persist in postcapitalist societies—and if so, how and in what form? 

Contributions that adhere to Darshikā’s general aims and scope (see below) will also be considered. Authors who wish to contribute to the upcoming issue should upload their manuscripts at the journal’s webpage no later than February 1, 2023. The journal does not have a strict word limit but we recommend that the manuscript be no longer than 7000 words excluding references. The manuscript must include an abstract no longer than 150 words. References must follow APA style.

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Aims and Scope

Darshikā: Journal of Integrative and Innovative Humanities aims to promote the importance of interdisciplinary studies and the coalescence between humanities and other areas such as science – be it natural-, social-, or applied science, economics, and business administration. This open-access peer-reviewed online journal publishes interdisciplinary papers, bridging the gap between humanities and other disciplines, and emphasizing the critical role of humanities in any fields of discussion and innovation. Papers are double-blind reviewed and are selected based on the basis of their quality, originality, soundness of their arguments, and contribution. Two issues are brought out each year, in the months of May and November.

Darshikā is based at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. It is available here.


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