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Changes in the services of NIAS Library & Information

May 9, 2021 - 02:38

As previously informed NIAS has, along with several other inter-governmental bodies of the Nordic Council of Ministers, been faced with a heavy budget cut of 20% from 2014 onwards. The NIAS leadership has therefore decided to make a substantial cut at the services offered local users, i.e. students and faculty at Copenhagen University to be able to provide as much as possible of what has been requested from our Nordic partners.  In order to meet the demands NIAS Library will be streamlining our services to the Nordic community and focusing on the unique digital services which are most in request from our member institutions.  The decisions are based on a thorough investigation of the usage of and demands for NIAS’ services. 

From 1 March 2014 the NIAS book collection will be integrated in the collections of Copenhagen University Library. As the NIAS collection has been a separate collection in the Copenhagen University Library for some time the changes for the users will be minimal. Services to the SUPRA students visiting NIAS will continue as they have done previously. 

NIAS journal subscriptions, the so called “NIAS Journal Collection” on the AsiaPortal.info, i.e. the journals in Western languages, have already been cancelled but there is still access in 2014 for a majority of the titles. Back access to some of the collection will be provided, but this will be on trial this year to see if the usage validates the service cost.  

Some of the lesser used English language databases has also be cancelled. None of the Asian language databases will be affected.

It is our main priority to develop the digital collections according to the needs of our Nordic users.  We have so far used our financial resources to establish a basic collection of digital resources for our Nordic member institutions.  But as our funds are limited we have to make strict priorities. We are depending on the information and feedback from our member institutions to be able to make the right priorities.

Last but not least, we regret to inform you that both Asger Juel Hansen and Per Hansen are moving to new positions within Copenhagen University from 1 March 2014. Per Hansen will shift position to the Faculty Library of the Social Sciences at Copenhagen University Library where he will continue to work with books on Asia. Asger Juel Hansen will move to the Faculty of Law Library at Copenhagen University.  We wish them the best of luck in their new positions.

Changes in the services of NIAS Library & Information


May 9, 2021