China’s Xi Jinping at the height of his powers – what will he now do?

12:00 to 13:00
Brownbag Seminar

Stockholm Center for Global Asia invites to this event, where Johan Lagerkvist, Professor of China’s Language and Culture, Director, Stockholm Center for Global Asia, Stockholm University will give a talk.


China’s Communist Party will convene its twentieth national congress on 15 October. It will mark the official break with decades of institutionalization of collective leadership and retirement norms. As the only candidate for the post, Xi Jinping will be elected to an unprecedented third term as the Party’s general secretary. But not only that, he is also expected to have his political thinking elevated to the level of Mao Zedong-thought. Rising to equivalent status of the founder of the People’s Republic of China is no small feat, but what is the official ideology based on Xi’s ideas all about? This brown bag talk will discuss Xi Jinping’s views on how China’s long-term challenges should be managed.

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Stockholm Center for Global Asia
Room C312, Stockholm Center for Global Asia, (Manne Siegbahn, Bldg. C, Street address: Frescativägen 26), Stockholm University