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Chinese urban youth negotiating ‘modern’ womanhood

April 9, 2014 - 12:15-13:15

East Asian Lunch Seminar
Fengshu Liu, Associate Professor, Department of Education, UiO
In this talk, Fengshu Liu, associate professor at the Department of Education, UiO will talk about Chinese urban youth negotiating ‘modern’ womanhood.
China has seen dramatic transformations in ideals of femininity since the late 1970s. This talk explores what it entails for young women of the only-child generation to construct ‘modern’ womanhood within a context of multiple and conflicting gender discourses. Based on life-history interviews in Beijing, the article on which the talk builds shows that both a ‘degendering’ and ‘(re)gendering’ of the female self ensued as the participants positioned themselves simultaneously as the ‘autonomous modern female’ and the ‘dependent modern female’. It is suggested that despite some commonalities with the western middle-class neoliberal girlhood, this reflects a particular Chinese ‘dual’ approach to modernity that defies a standard/western notion of modern girlhood.
The seminar is open for everybody: students, teachers and people from society at large. Bring your lunchbox, and we’ll supply some (non-alcoholic) drinks.
Venue: Seminarroom 360, Niels Treschows house, University of Oslo
Chinese urban youth negotiating ‘modern’ womanhood


April 9, 2014