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Company-sponsored Doctoral Program in Asian Economy and Business

September 22, 2021 - 04:48

The European Institute of Japanese Studies (EIJS) in cooperation with the China Economic Research Center (CERC) at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is now recruiting one Ph.D. candidate.
The Doctoral Program in Asian Economy and Business is a new program in close cooperation with the business community. 
We expect to appoint up to 10 Ph.D. candidates who will be accepted into the regular SSE Ph.D. Program in Business Administration, Economics or Finance. In addition to fulfilling the regular SSE entrance criteria (please see under each specialization on the PhD Program home page), the candidates should also be fluent in a major Asian language (i.e. Japanese, Chinese or Korean). 
This “Asian group” will be clustered together in close vicinity to EIJS and CERC and in this way constitute part of the “Asian academic hub” at the School. Besides the regular SSE PhD curriculum, there will be a number of Asia-related seminars and other activities in which the candidates are expected to take part. The Program is for five years and given in English. 
What is special about this program is that we will be working very closely with the business community; various companies are “sponsors” of the Ph.D. candidates. At the present time we are recruiting one candidate working on Japan. 
More information here.
Company-sponsored Doctoral Program in Asian Economy and Business


September 22, 2021