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Comparing Technology and Innovation Policy in Japan and Norway

November 27, 2013 - 09:00-16:00

NTNUs Japan-program invites to the Fifteenth Annual NTNU Japan Seminar–2013:

Comparing Technology and Innovation Policy in Japan and Norway:
The 10th Anniversary of the Norway-Japan Science and Technology Agreement
National leadership in basic science, technological applications, and innovation
more generally, has become the key dimension in the competition between states for
wealth and power. In this competition national governments and their direct
subsidiaries have naturally often played the leading role, but by no means always.
Local governments and small and medium sized enterprises have at certain key
junctures been the crucial innovators.
At the same time innovation is characterized not only by competition but also
by cooperation, as states, universities, research institutes and companies form strategic
partnerships to jointly promote science, technology and innovation. Although
separated by vast geographical distance, very different cultures, languages, and national
scales, a strong partnership in science and technology has arisen between Japan and
Norway, a partnership that dates back to the late twentieth century, but one which
nonetheless was cemented with the 2003 science and technology agreement between the
two nations.
The first panel of this seminar looks back over the first ten years of cooperation
under this bilateral science and technology agreement, evaluates what has been achieved
and what the prospects are for cooperation moving forward, addressing the question of
how well Japan and Norway work together as partners. The second panel evaluates
and compares the role of national, local and corporate entrepreneurs in innovation in
Japan and Norway, and asks the question of whether there are distinctive Japanese and
Norwegian models of innovation.

Venue: Rådssalen (Hovedbygningen, NTNU, Campus Gløshaugen, Trondheim)

More information and programme here

Comparing Technology and Innovation Policy in Japan and Norway


November 27, 2013