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Copenhagen seminar on the India-Pakistan dispute

February 15, 2013 - 09:30-11:45

The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and Asia Research Centre, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) invite to a seminar on The India-Pakistan Conundrum, on Friday, February 15, at the Danish Institute for International Studies, Main Auditorium, Strandgade 71, ground floor, 1401 Copenhagen K. 

Seminar background:Shooting for a Century: The India-Pakistan Conundrum” (forthcoming, Brookings Press, 2013) is one of the few comprehensive overviews of one of the world’s most intractable conflicts, looking at both known and deeper causes. The India-Pakistan dispute is unlikely to be resolved or normalized in the next 35 years—it will last a “century”—a hundred years, having begun in 1947. This is not the worst outcome: another major crisis could lead to a nuclear war; the breakup or destruction of Pakistan would have far reaching consequences for the region and the world.
This seminar will dissect the key actors on all sides of the conflict, including the Pakistan army, examine the implications of a continuing stalemate, and look at theories that explain why this conflict persists, and strategies that might avert a larger conflict or, improbably, move the two states towards normalization.

The seminar will feature speeches by Stephen P. Cohen, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution, USA, Anthony D’Costa, Professor, CBS, and Mona K. Sheikh, Postdoc, DIIS. 

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Copenhagen seminar on the India-Pakistan dispute


February 15, 2013